Job Hunt Panacea

There’s nothing like a job hunt to put your self esteem on a roller-coaster ride. Yay, I got an interview! Sad, turns out they’re hiring for a completely different job than what they posted. Yay, I found a job I’m perfectly qualified for! Sad, turns out they didn’t think so.

It can wreak havoc with anyone, but can be especially hard on someone who’s got depression issues. But, completely out of the blue, I found something to make me feel better.

That, friends and followers (who are awesome, BTW) is a baby blanket. Specifically, a baby blanket that I made by crocheting. Which I haven’t done in years! And at the top there? That’s number two.

Turns out that having three pregnant friends gives me the perfect excuse to take up old and dear crafting. And crafting gives me a solid finished accomplishment that I can point to. That my sneaky jerk brain can’t refute or minimize. Because I made that, and now it’s going to keep a baby warm.

And one success begets another. Proof: I just got a call back for a job I’d be awesome at. Here’s to hoping!