Welcome! Let me introduce myself. I’ll not be using my real name here. It’s a matter of wanting an anonymous space more than anything else. I’m hoping you’ll learn more about me through my writing, but here’s some tidbits.

I’m an artist, and a writer and an entrepreneur. It sounds pretentious to me when I write it out, but these are things that are accurate, so I’ll claim them as mine. I’m an avid reader and I’ve got crafty, home-steading, make-it-rather-than-buy-it tendencies in my blood. Seriously, my grandfather turned his house to solar-powered and my parents are cooks and artists and crafters in an amazing fashion.

I’m an introvert. I like people, but mostly in small chunks at the time and place of my choosing. A nightmare for me is a party where I only know one or two people and there’s no definite end time and no way to make a graceful exit. I used to be the Sitting in a Corner with a Book Queen, though I’m slightly better now.

This blog is where I’ll talk about the things that catch my fancy. Maybe it’s a book and maybe it’s my feelings and maybe it’s my politics. Or any number of other things. Mostly it’s me, trying to find a place to be me without any of the tiny masks we hide behind. Someplace to be me without expectations.

I almost said I hope you’ll enjoy it, but really I hope I enjoy it. I do hope you’ll like it, but in the end this is also the one place I’ll be completely narcissistic. So I guess I hope you’ll come along and we’ll enjoy it together.



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