I Write Letters

I’ve been receiving quite a few emails from the DCCC asking for donations lately. The most recent was sent quoting the decision to sign the Lilly Ledbetter act. The implication is that because they did that, I should be moved to support them, because I’m a woman. Honestly it only made me mad, because I’ve seen very little sign since that this administration cares about women. So I sent them a letter, and I decided to share it here as well. If anyone else feels the same feel free to use it.


If you truly want the support of women, I would suggest doing more than signing one act. All across the country there is a wave of anti-choice activists trying to make Roe v. Wade symbolic only; by removing our ability to access birth control, family planning services, and basic health care. Planned Parenthood is being defunded state by state. This is a huge increase from just a few years before. The president claims to be pro-choice, and claims to support women. If this is true then maybe he should speak up in support of half the country’s rights. One good example is the recent decision on EC for women younger than 17.

While I will not support Republicans because of their outright hostility to women, I also cannot support a president who refuses to defend half his country. My rights have been ignored or used as bargaining chips. Apathy is not enough to move me to support, and I will not do so until I have seen some sign that this administration also supports me.


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